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Interim Chancellor of UC Merced appointed
Nathan Brostrom
Nathan Brostrom was appointed interim chancellor of UC Merced.

The University of California Board of Regents voted to approve President Janet Napolitano’s appointment of systemwide Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Nathan Brostrom as interim chancellor of UC Merced.

Brostrom will succeed Chancellor Dorothy Leland, who earlier this week announced her intention to step down effective Aug. 15. He will serve until a nationwide search for a permanent successor is completed.

“As the UC Office of the President co-sponsor with me for the Merced 2020 Project — the innovative $1.3 billion approach to doubling the size of the Merced campus — Nathan has the history and skills to bring the project to successful completion, while providing the campus with financial acumen honed through a career in public finance and at the University of California as systemwide CFO since 2014,” Leland said. “I cannot think of anyone stronger to serve as interim chancellor.”

Before becoming systemwide CFO, Brostrom served as executive vice president for Business Operations after three years as vice chancellor for Administration at UC Berkeley. Brostrom holds degrees from Stanford University and Princeton University, and currently teaches at UC Berkeley. He also serves on the boards for the Keck Telescope and the Thirty Meter Telescope, and has led two systemwide reviews of Agriculture and Natural Resources. He serves as a board member of Fiat Lux and Futures Without Violence, a national and global group that works to reduce domestic abuse and violence against women and children.

“I am excited about this opportunity to help lead UC Merced during this critical moment in its history,” Brostrom said. “UC Merced holds a special place in UC history, and I have been gratified to have been a part of that history as co-sponsor of the Merced 2020 Project. I look forward to working in the coming months with the UC Merced faculty, staff and students, as well as with Chancellor Leland as she steps into what I hope will be a very active emeritus role on campus.”

“On behalf of the faculty at UC Merced, I wish to congratulate Chancellor Leland and extend our thanks for her long and steady leadership, under which the Merced campus has been transformed physically, academically and reputationally,” said Professor Kurt Schnier, chair of the Merced Division of the Academic Senate. “I look forward to working closely with Interim Chancellor Nathan Brostrom, who brings to our campus the financial and external relations skills we now need to elevate our standing as a premier research institution.”

Napolitano will be launching a national search for a new chancellor immediately. As part of this process, an advisory committee — comprising Regents, faculty members, students, staff, alumni and foundation representatives — will be appointed to advise her on the selection of the new chancellor, pursuant to Regents Policy 7102 regarding the Appointment of Chancellors.