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Miss Manners visits Turlock Christian
manners 3
Mimi Raghian tests the firm handshake of Turlock Christian student Logan Lundquist during her presentation on Friday.

Chivalry is not dead, at least not at Turlock Christian where Miss Manners provided junior high and high school students insight into the importance of social decorum and propriety in the world after high school on Friday.

Miss Manners, or Mimi Raghian, is a certified etiquette coach and image consultant from the Los Altos area who made her way to Turlock on the behest of Turlock Christian, a school with the aim of providing their students not just academic but social knowledge as well.

“We just feel that one of the things we are trying to teach our students is to be young, godly leaders with character and being polite and kind is a part of that. It’s sort of a lost art,” said Turlock Christian Superintendent Karen Winter. “By the time our students graduate we want to ensure that they have grown into a place where they can be contributing members of society.”

Miss Manners’ lessons included instructions on how to greet individuals with a firm handshake, the etiquette of writing a proper thank you and the basics of table manners, among other topics.