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More cuts for Denair schools
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The Denair Unified School District continues to make cuts in order to avoid a state takeover.

During a yet another crowded meeting, school district trustees unanimously voted to cut teachers' salaries by 3.5 percent effective Feb. 1 , while also eliminating four school days and one training day.

Over the next 18 months, Denair must cut $1.4 million in ongoing spending in order to avoid a state takeover.

“We’re back and we’re working hard in our recovery plan,” said Superintendent Ed Parraz.  “We have a little more to go, but we’ll get there.”

In addition, trustees voted to convert Denair Academic Avenues into a magnet school effective June 30.  According to Stanislaus County Office of Education appointed fiscal advisor Teresa Ryland, D2A’s conversion will bring the district a net gain of $15,000.

“Kudos to the board,” said Ryland.  “I know how difficult this is and I appreciate your hard work.  These cuts need to be made until we have a proposed budget.”

Starting next school year, students who live outside the district will need to get transfers in order to continue attending school.  There are currently 50 out of 205 D2A students who live outside the Denair boundaries.  D2A and the district's other charter school will remain open with administrative changes.

The board also unanimously voted to lay off two more teachers from Denair Elementary and Denair Middle School and a part time teacher for English learners.  Support staff will begin negotiations next week.

In December, the board voted to lay off its 18 hourly employees from Denair Charter School and an additional four teachers including one maintenance supervisor.  Superintendent Parraz consented to give up a 10 percent cut from his $120,000 annual salary while board members Julian Wren and Louisa Allen volunteered to give up their $4,000 stipends in order to reduce the budget.