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Ratified contract adds 100 DUSD employees to raise, bonus list

Nearly five months after teachers and administrators at the Denair Unified School District received a significant pay increase and bonus, a new deal was struck Thursday so that the rest of the district’s employees can reap similar benefits.

During the Sept. 14 Board of Trustees meeting, a new contract was agreed between the district and the California School Employees’ Association to give 101 employees a raise and a one-time 4.5 percent bonus for 2022-23 – the same as was given to instructors and administrators with the Denair Unified Teachers Association in May. The new contract will run through 2025.

The May deal between DUSD and the Denair Unified Teachers Association was a three-year contract. It gave 81 employees an 8 percent salary increase. Their 4.5 percent bonus was awarded the same month.