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Summer remodel: THS in final phases of modernization project
THSmodernization 1
The exterior of Turlock High's West Gym will receive updates to reflect the brick exterior consistent with the Turlock Unified School District building established in the 1920s.

When the curtain closed on Turlock High School’s spring production several months ago it was unclear where it would rise for next year’s performances as the Performing Arts Building is one of two major reconstruction projects currently being implemented at the high school campus.

The once familiar PA Building is now virtually unrecognizable in its current gutted state that will eventually host a new stage, seating arrangement, lighting and sound system, and more.  Known at the school as a building with poor ventilation, the building will also receive a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system alongside a facelift to behind the scenes facilities such as the green room.

“It’s unclear right now where performances will be hosted next year, but that is something the school is considering and working out,” said Mike Trainor, assistant superintendent of business services.

While the PA Building is undergoing complete renovation this summer, just south on the campus the West Gym, or more commonly known as the Girls Gym, is also being revamped. A brick façade will be added to the exterior of the gym to generate the original 1920s exterior that the nearby District building reflects. With the desire to maintain the historical feel of the building, the gym will not be gutted like the PA Building but the floors will be redone, original wood benches and wainscoting will be cleaned, and a new scoreboard will be installed.

“Something else I think that a passerby wouldn’t realize is that we are also completely renovating the locker rooms,” said Trainor. “We’ve got new benches, lockers and restrooms coming, which we’re really excited about. It was needed.”

The Performing Arts Building and West Gym remodels constitute the final phases of a six phase $7.5 million renovation of THS facilities. The previous construction included work on eastern campus classrooms; a complete renovation of the agriculture building; a new roof and HVAC system in the East Gym or Boys Gym; as well as the new tennis court system installed several years ago.

The six phase THS remodel is just one of the 10 educational facility remodel projects made possible through the General Obligation Bond that was passed in 2006. The $49 million, which is funded 60 percent by the State and 40 percent by the school district is slated to be completed by August 2015.