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TJHS students prepare for promising school year
TJHS roundup 5
Turlock Junior High Schools Round-Up on Wednesday provided an opportunity for soon-to-be eighth graders to get their textbooks and schedules for the upcoming school year.

With the beginning of school less than a week away, eighth graders at Turlock Junior High School traded in their summer gear for textbooks and schedules during Round-Up in order to equip themselves for success in the 2015-16 academic year.   

Benhour Sargezian was one student who left with a handful of textbooks on Wednesday for his classes for the upcoming year. Sargezian said that he is looking forward to serving as an office aide, sharpening his cooking skills in his foods and nutrition elective, and learning more in his language arts and math classes.

Sargezian also garnered a smile from his mother, Helin Vardeh, when he said that his overall goal for his eighth grade year is to earn better grades than he did as a seventh grader.

 “I want to learn more and get ready for high school,” said Sargezian, “but I am also looking forward to having fun.”

Sargezian was not the only eighth grader on Wednesday who said that he is striving to earn praiseworthy grades in the new school year, as Chase Rodriguez also said that he wanted to get straight A’s among other goals.

“I also want to make it on all of the sport teams and not miss a day of school,” said Rodriguez.

Additionally, Rodriguez said that he is looking forward to getting to know his new teachers and making new friends. He said that he is especially looking forward to his history course, which he considered his favorite subject, and overcoming any challenge presented to him in his physical science class.

“I plan to work hard, do my homework and study,” said Rodriguez.

Kayla Gillman also said that she is aiming to get straight A’s this year, since she said that she was close to achieving perfect grades last year. Among other classes, she is eager to delve into her second year in concert choir and participating in physical education.

“I am really looking forward to meeting new people and getting an education,” said Gillman.

Although she is currently not familiar with any of the teachers on her schedule, Janet Gaspar knows that it won’t be that way for long as one of her goals is to get to know each of her teachers better as she enters her eighth grade year.

Gaspar also said that she is looking forward to taking Math Enrichment for the second year in a row, which is a course that she finds equally challenging and enjoyable.

“I just want to graduate and prepare to go to a high school where I can get a diploma in both English and Spanish so I can have more career choices,” said Gaspar.

Campus Supervisor Coordinator Pat Puthuff and Attendance Clerk Nanette Snoke, who regarded themselves as the two employees who have worked the longest at TJHS, were also in attendance on Wednesday to answer students’ questions and provide insight.

“My advice that I would give to incoming students is just to behave and have fun,” said Puthuff.

“I would say to go to bed early and get to school on time,” added Snoke. “I would also tell them to enjoy themselves, but to also study hard.”

Counselor Pat Villapudua not only advised incoming students to come prepared with all the necessary school supplies, such as backpacks, binders and paper, but he also recommended that students abandon their summer sleep schedules before the beginning of the year to make sure they are well rested to learn and ultimately succeed.

“Be ready to start the day by going to sleep early,” said Villapudua. “Just be ready for the new year.”

Turlock Unified School District will welcome students back for the 2015-16 academic year on Thursday. For more information on different Back to School nights, which kick off as early as Thursday, visit