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Tlaloc Barajas achieves Eagle Scout
Tlaloc Barajas' Eagle Scout project was the refurbishing of areas around Crowell Elementary School. - photo by Photo Contributed

Students and staff of Crowell Elementary have probably noticed the campus looking spruced up as of late, with fresh coats of paint on parking curbs, benches, poles and more. While the project benefitted the school’s appearance, it also served a dual purpose as Tlaloc Barajas' Eagle Scout project.

When Barajas began Cub Scouts in the third grade he was drawn to the outdoor activities the organization offered: camping, archery and the BB guns to name a few. Fast forward several years and Barajas is in the process of earning the highest rank in Boy Scouts, the Eagle Scout award in Troop 21, his home troop for the past 10 years.  

“I chose to do my community service project at Crowell because I went to kindergarten and first grade there and I had good memories,” said Barajas.

After Barajas’ father served on the executive board of the local Boy Scouts district, Barajas was even more encouraged to continue his participation in the organization. Throughout the years Barajas has made friends with fellow scouts and leaders and attributes his success in the organization to the support of older scouts. 

“I was always watching and learning from the older scouts, they were my role models. It helped to see them rise in the ranks and learn from the knowledge they gained,” said Barajas.

When Barajas is not participating in the Cub Scouts of America, he utilizes the leadership skills he has learned by spending time in a multitude of school clubs. A junior at Turlock High School, Barajas currently serves as Associate Student Body Treasurer and was recently reelected for next year as well. He also served as treasurer for his eighth grade class. Next year Barajas will also be the Vice President of the Hispanic Youth Leadership Club, as well as continue his involvement in the Protecting Health and Slamming Tobacco Club, or PHAST, and the Math Club. Math is Barajas’ strongest subject in school and he is finishing up a year of Advanced Placement Calculus and will advance to Advanced Placement Statistics next year.

“I really like math. It’s something I’ve excelled in, I like that you know if you’re wrong. You don’t need evidence,” said Barajas.

Barajas plans to pursue math, or something similar, as he considers colleges after high school. With his sights set on the University of California, Berkeley, UC Los Angeles or the University of Southern California, Barajas is eager to attend college but plans to enjoy his final year before the big change.

“My brother is 10 and just joined Cub Scouts so I plan to be a supportive member of my troop this following year,” said Barajas.