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Turlock High student puts goals on fast track
Hayden Elliot
Turlock High junior Hayden Elliot graduated from Modesto Junior College this year with two associate’s degrees before he’s even finished his high school diploma (CANDY PADILLA/The Journal).

Turlock High’s Hayden Elliot still has one more year of high school left, but he’s already leaps and bounds ahead of most of his peers in achieving his educational and career goals.

Elliot knows that he wants to be a police officer and is putting a plan together to make it happen sooner rather than later. The Bulldog is taking advantage of school programs and college courses to give him a head start.

“I always wanted to be a police officer and always wanted to do it as quickly as I could,” said Elliot. “Once I learned I had to have at least a bachelor’s degree to go to the police academy I realized I would be 24 or 25 before I could join. The earliest age they allow you is 21. With this in mind, I enrolled in my college classes so as soon as I turned 21, I could complete the academy.”

Elliot has completed associates degrees from Modesto Junior College and hopes the early education will come in handy. He has an Associate in Science degree in Administration of Criminal Justice and Associate of Arts degree in Social Behavioral Science.

At Turlock High he is part of the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and was on multiple teams that went to nationals.

“I was really interested in air rifles and that got me hooked right off the bat,” said Elliot. “I kept being involved with the program, joined their community events, joined other teams and now am their commanding officer.”

He is also part of the Turlock High tennis team. He signed up because he had friends on the team and they were looking for more players. He was part of the squad that took home first in their division.

When Elliot is ready to finish his higher education, he’s looking to stay local with eyes on Stanislaus State. Another option could be Fresno State because “they have one of the best criminology programs.”

He advises other high schoolers to realize what they're passionate about and come up with a plan on how to achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

“If you want to start a plan, figure out what you want to do and find out how to get there without procrastinating and waiting till high school is over,” said Elliot. “You will definitely have time while in high school and getting to where you want to be.”