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Turlock High students put their campaigning skills to the test
election conv pic1
THS students Jelena Bravo and Devin Espinola give their acceptance speech after being elected spirit leaders. - photo by NANCY ANGEL / The Journal



The Presidential Election may be over, but a more important race — at least to the students of Turlock High School — was decided  on Friday.  More than 400 Turlock High School students participated in an all-day Election Convention, an annual event that determines class officer positions for the following school year. 

The process is modeled after an actual party convention. The convention model started in 1990 and it consist of delegates voting for candidates as opposed to the popular vote. In the past, school election rules mandated that a candidate win by a 70 percent majority — a nearly impossible task.

Delegates are selected in history classes and the students represent certain states. Some states hold more delegates than others. On convention day student body candidates perform skits, give speeches and try to secure delegate votes during caucuses by sending out campaign managers and friends. The convention also had its own social media team that kept students informed during the event, including announcing winners.

Stanislaus County Office of Education Superintendent Tom Changnon was the keynote speaker of the convention. He encouraged students to continue civic involvement as they grow into adults.

This year 21 students battled for five officer positions:  school board representative, spirit leaders, secretary, treasurer, president and vice president.  

Jevan Hogan won the seat of president and Sean Downs won vice president.THS juniors Jelena Bravo and Devin Espinola were elected spirit leaders.

“We hope to get every student involved in rallies and more activities throughout campus,” said Espinola.  “We have new and innovative ideas to get THS spirit louder than ever.”