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Turlock senior grabs life by the horns with a smile
Turlock High School senior Tatiana Fregosi sits on a fence in San Francisco while admiring the Golden Gate Bridge. She loves to travel and explore the world. - photo by Photo Contributed
Although Turlock High senior Tatiana Fregosi juggles a handful of extra-curriculars, homework, college applications, family and friends, she finds a healthy balance to fully enjoy what life has to offer.
“She has been raised to fully enjoy the process of life,” said Soraya Fregosi, Tatiana’s mother. “She is a well-rounded person that seems to enjoy life.”
Not only does she smile when she finally reaches her goals, she smiles through the sometimes difficult journey to get there.
“It is all about enjoying the process. That is the whole point,” Tatiana said. “Nothing is ever 100 percent bad. There is always something good and beautiful.”
Between her seven years of spiking the volleyball, getting good grades and feeding the homeless, one of Tatiana’s secrets to fully enjoying life is finding that balance, Soraya said.
“She has a very healthy balance of activities in her life,” she said. “She knows what she can do and does it well.”
In her last year as a high schooler, Tatiana has remained focused on her education, which has always been emphasized in her life since she was little due to both of her parents being teachers, she said.
“She loves education,” Soraya said. “She is very disciplined, focused and loves to learn.”
Tatiana plays an active role in Turlock High leadership and the Bulldog volleyball team.
Besides school activities, Tatiana attends church often and just recently helped feed the homeless for Christmas through the We Care program and the Salvation Army. Helping those in need started a couple of years ago when she went down to Mexico with her church to work with orphans at a local orphanage.
Throughout the years, Tatiana has also been active in track, softball, soccer, the High School Mock Trials, Teens in Action and dance. Along with all the interests and activities she is involved in, Tatiana also loves to travel and be a risk taker, she said. Sky diving is one of the “risk taking” activities Tatiana enjoys.
As her prep years come to an end, Tatiana said she is looking forward to attending the University of California, Santa Barbara. She doesn’t know what she wants to major in or what her dream job is, but she knows that UC Santa Barbara is the right school for her.
“It just feels like home there,” Tatiana said. “The beach is right there, the sun is out and I can ride my bike cruiser. My personality just matches with the weather there.”  
Although Santa Barbara is her ideal college, Tatiana was also accepted to Azusa Pacific University on a presidential scholarship, and she has applied to most of the University of California campus and California Polytechnic State University.
Her mom and dad are very proud of her, especially for her strong character and well-rounded personality, Soraya said. They also admire her grounded morals where she doesn’t fall easily under the pressure of others.
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