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Turlock Unified votes to extend eCademy Charter
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Following a public hearing filled solely with praise for eCademy Charter at Crane School, a five year extension for the charter school was unanimously approved on Tuesday by the Turlock Unified School District Board of Trustees.

One supporter who spoke on Tuesday evening was Kristine Viera, who claimed that her student needed an alternative route because she was struggling in school and that eCademy proved to be a perfect fit.

“Brooke was still able to play a sport at Turlock High,” said Viera. “My only regret is not getting her in this program sooner.”

Viera was just one of many who provided a public testimony that was in favor of eCademy and who urged the Board to pass the extension. Another parent voiced their approval by saying that eCademy Charter students are able to become “life-long learners,” rather than strictly “school learners.”

In the petition renewal, eCademy indicated that charter schools fill an educational need not otherwise offered by traditional schools since they can direct their resources to where their students need them most.

eCademy opened in 2011 with the goal of providing high quality education for students who struggle to be successful learners in a traditional or comprehensive school model. The school site offers a home school option for students in kindergarten through sixth grade, independent study for middle school-aged students, and a blending learning program for high school students.

The school has a physical site at the former site of Crane Elementary School, but most of the high school level courses offered by the school take place online.

Students attend eCademy for a variety of different reasons—whether it is to make up credits to graduate, mental health issues, having the intention to graduate early or work conflictions.

“We want to catch these kids before they fall too far behind,” said Principal Robin Swartz in a previous interview. “We support them in what they need and we make it work. We listen to their goals and we figure it out together.”

Over the course of the five years eCademy has been in existence, they have promoted over 80 eighth graders and over 200 seniors earned diplomas and graduated.

As another eCademy advocate, Jessica Jenkins explained on Tuesday that she has three children enrolled in the charter school and that it fits their family lifestyle and how she chooses to parent and teach her children.

Moving forward with the five year extension, eCademy plans to serve a greater number of students and provide opportunities that increase college and career readiness for their students.

The five year extension of the charter agreement will be in effect through fiscal year 2020-2021. For more information on eCademy Charter at Crane School, call 669-3410 or visit