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TUSD to offer free 2023 AP Exams
student taking a test

Local high school students interested in taking 2023 Advanced Placement (AP) exams will be eased of any financial burden as the Turlock Unified School District will be covering the cost. The free exams are being funded through the Learning Recovery Emergency Block Grant, which is one of two block grants allocated to districts in the 2022-2023 State Budget.

“We’re excited to extend one more opportunity and resource to our scholars as they prepare for college and career choices,” said TUSD Superintendent Dana Trevethan. “It’s a win-win for families and TUSD.”

While TUSD will be covering costs, it remains the responsibility of students and their families to sign up and register on time through the College Board at:

Registration for all AP exams began early last month. By Nov. 1, students must register for their desired exams and indicate on College Board that they would like an exam ordered. The default settings on the website is “Undecided” and an exam will not be ordered unless students change it to “Yes” under “Order Exam.” A $40 late fee will be charged to any student who registers and orders an exam after the Nov. 1 date. March 1, 2023 will be the last day for students to cancel an exam.

Students taking AP courses should already be enrolled in the appropriate College Board AP Classroom, per their instructor’s direction.  Codes to join were provided at the start of school year.

Last year, 436 Turlock High School students took 821 exams while 450 Pitman High School students took 513 exams. In total, 886 TUSD high schoolers took 1,334 AP exams. TUSD expects the number to rise this school year with the fees waived. According to Director of Communication, Family Engagement & Outreach Marie Russell, the District is currently anticipating to administer 1,500 AP exams across all high school campuses.

AP courses are designed to provide high school students with college-level rigor while giving them an opportunity to get a head-start in higher education through transferrable college credits. In order to receive college credit, students must take and pass their AP exam with a minimum score of 3 or higher. All students enrolled in an AP course are highly encouraged to take the AP exams for the courses they are enrolled in.