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TUSD starts off the new year with fresh perspectives
Bob Weaver - photo by Photo Contributed
Three new trustees were sworn into office at the Turlock Unified School District Board meeting on Tuesday, ushering in a new era in district leadership.
Judge William A. Mayhew did the honors, swearing in new board members Lori Crivelli, Bob Weaver and Josh Bernard. Their term runs through December 2011.
“I am excited for the opportunity to represent Turlock being on the school board,” Bernard said.
Along with Bernard, Weaver and Crivelli were equally as excited. All three new members said they were ready to hit the ground running and work toward providing a good education for Turlock students.
Newly elected President Frank Lima, Clerk Loren Holt, Voting Delegate Eileen Hamilton, and Secretary Sonny Da Marto also said they were ready to start the year off right. Lima, Holt and Hamilton’s terms of office run through Dec. 6, 2010.
“My goal as board president will be to work with the entire board to create the best possible learning conditions for our students and working conditions for our teachers and staff, and try not to allow our state budget crisis from detracting us from this focus, when we know that the state budget crisis will have a direct impact on our ability to serve our students, teachers and staff,” Lima said.
At Tuesday’s meeting, each trustee welcomed the new board members with open arms.
“The new trustees conducted themselves in a professional and organized manner to come out successful in the end,” Lima said. “They have wonderful qualities to bring to the board.”
The new trustees and board as a whole have yet to set specific goals, besides providing the best education possible for TUSD.
“It is all a learning process and my goal is to get up to speed because we are learning on a steep learning curve right now,” Bernard said. “I need to get up to speed before I make any goals without knowing the outcomes.”
Weaver said his goal is to provide a quality education for the students of the TUSD.
“I have no one-set agenda,” he said. “I want to help provide a safe well-rounded education for the students.”
Even though Crivelli’s first meeting was spent sitting on the side lines due to a potential conflict of interest, she said she looks forward to participating in the next board meeting.
Although the state of the economy and its effect on both the state and local education budgets have made serving on a public board difficult for many in the past two years, TUSD’s newest trustees were not put off.
“It is a difficult time, not a bad time to come into office,” Weaver said.
Bernard, Weaver and Crivelli have been attending school board meetings for the last couple of months religiously, so they all feel like they are up to speed and ready to go.
“I am looking forward to being on the other side of that table and have a say,” Weaver said.
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