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UC Merced researcher earns award
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University of California, Merced physics professor Lin Tian was awarded the National Science Foundation's esteemed Faculty Early Career Development Award last week. She is the fourth professor at UC Merced to earn the honor in four years.
The award grants $450,000 to support Tian’s research, which hopes to lay the foundation for constructing quantum computers. In particular, Tian’s theoretical research examines the application of quantum optics in understanding the behavior of nanoscale devices.
Tian hopes to show how mechanical resonators just one-billionth of a meter long could be used as mechanical resonators to store and carry quantum information. A computer built with such components would be several orders of magnitude faster than existing computers.
Tian has been with UC Merced since July 2008. In addition to teaching, she operates a theoretical research lab with four students; two more students will join the lab as a result of the grant.