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Winter Intersession helps students catch up, get ahead
Winter Intersession
Students head to class during Winter Intersession at CSU Stanislaus, which offers three-week courses in January for both enrolled students and members of the public. - photo by ALYSSON AREDAS / The Journal

Whether looking to graduate early, fulfill prerequisites for an upcoming class or embark on an academic journey, California State University, Stanislaus’ Winter Intersession provides both enrolled students and the general public with the perfect opportunity to attain any and all of their educational goals.

As of Tuesday, registrants in the three-week accelerated Winter Intersession offered by the University Extended Education department included 40 members from the general public and 564 enrolled CSU Stanislaus students—one of which was sophomore Savannah Bigler, who elected to take a human development course.

“I needed this course for next semester and they don’t offer it then,” said Bigler. “I also like how the course is really fast-paced. I’ll be done in 15 days.”

CSU Stanislaus junior Emma Berdino is taking Communication Theory for many of the same reasons as her peer.

“I needed to get the class out of the way, and it is nice that I’m able to do it in three weeks,” commented Berdino. “It’s also a plus to be able to focus on just one class and I like that there’s no one on campus. It’s really fun.”

According to UEE marketing specialist Jessica Irish, those in the general public that opt to enroll in Winter Intersession do so for a number of reasons, including furthering their professional development and personal enrichment.

Now in its fourth year, CSU Stanislaus’ Winter Intersession originated from the university’s shift towards a new, more traditional schedule—comprised of two 15-week semesters and an optional three-week winter session, now known as Winter Intersession—in an effort to save money in 2011.  

During the short session that is currently available at all CSU campuses, students are allowed to take a maximum of five units from classes ranging from Urban Politics to History of Jazz. Students can choose from over 30 courses—22 of which are available online. 

Financial aid is not available during Winter Intersession, as the three-week program is funded entirely by student fees. Undergraduate courses cost $322 per unit, credential courses cost $349 per unit and graduate courses cost $355 per unit.

 “With Winter Intersession, students are able to focus on one class in three weeks,” said Irish. “This is just an accelerated way to complete the class they need and be that much closer to graduation.”

Although it is too late to enroll in Winter Intersession this year, it is never too early to plan for next year. CSU Stanislaus students interested in taking an option course can register through Members of the public are encouraged to register directly through UEE.

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