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Alanis’ law enforcement training bill passes Senate
Juan Alanis
State Assemblyman Juan Alanis, R-Modesto.

Assembly Bill 355, introduced by Assemblymember Juan Alanis, R-Modesto, made it through the state Senate by a 40-0 vote on Wednesday.

AB 355 will allow peace officer cadets enrolled in basic training prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST), or other certified training, to use a tactical rifle while engaged in firearms training.

Current law makes it illegal to manufacture, distribute, transport, import, or possess any assault weapon in California, and sets penalties accordingly. POST will eliminate the current conflict of sending graduated cadets back to the academy in order to receive tactical rifle training.

“Those exemptions apply to only sworn peace officers, not cadets enrolled in POST training,” said Assemblymember Alanis. “This has caused logistical issues with getting cadets adequately trained and certified during the academy in preparation for entry into the Field Training Program. AB 355 does not allow cadets to use or possess an assault rifle anywhere but under the supervision of instructors during firearms training.”

AB 355 has now passed through the Assembly and the Senate with unanimous votes, and is one step closer to becoming law. The bill was lightly amended in the Senate and will come back to the Assembly for one final concurrence vote before it’s sent to Gov. Newsom for consideration.

“I am grateful to have received bipartisan and bicameral support on AB 355,” said Alanis. “I am appreciative of constructive work the Brady Campaign and California Police Chiefs did alongside my office to get this legislation done.”