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Fourth candidate in the running for Turlock City Council
donald babadalir
Donald Babadalir

Another Turlock resident has decided to put his name in the running for Turlock City Council, while another has opted to withdraw his candidacy for mayor.

Donald Babadalir, a 13-year resident of Turlock filed his candidacy papers with the city clerk’s office July 2. Ed Brault, who was running for mayor, has decided to end his candidacy now that more than one person is running for the elected post.

Babadalir, 28, said it is his appreciation for what the community has to offer and its future potential that has spurred him to run for City Council.

“People my age or those even younger make a decision on if you are going to leave and seek “greener pastures” or stay and make it a better community,” Babadalir said. “I have chosen to stay.”

While praising some of the work and efforts done by past councils, Babadalir says there are some emerging issues that haven’t been thoroughly addressed in Turlock and that he is ready to tackle. Particularly he referred to the issue of mental health, and what he called retail and intellectual leakage.

By retail leakage, Babadalir said he is referring to when people spend their money, and the sales tax dollars that go with it, on items purchased outside Turlock because the retail option is not available locally.

With intellectual leakage, Bababalir said he is referring to the trend of educated youth leaving the area and creating a “lack of a workforce equipped for high tech jobs.”

“The city as a whole ends up suffering,” Babadalir said. “I know what it is this town needs to grow and improve in a safe and steady manner.”

Babadalir graduated from Turlock High School in 2003 and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from California State University, Stanislaus in 2006. He worked several years in the banking industry and is currently a self-employed personal trainer.

“I’ve been involved in the city itself and made connections,” Babadalir said. “A lot of people want their voices heard and I would be a good representative for them.”

Babadalir will be running against incumbents Forrest White and Bill DeHart and newcomer Matthew Jacob. Gary Soiseth and Mike Brem are both running for mayor.

Candidates interested in running for office in the Nov. 4 Gubernatorial General Election must apply during the filing period which runs from July 14 through Aug. 8. Candidates, including incumbents, must file nomination documents during this period in order to run for office and appear on the ballot.