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Garbage fees decrease, county facility fee changes on hold
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Turlockers could find themselves smiling the next time they go to take out the trash, as the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors approved revisions in the maximum allowable rates for solid waste collection services that will spell discounts for residential consumers.
Under the new pricing structure, Turlock Scavenger customers with one trash bin can expect to see their monthly bill decrease by 89 cents. Those with two cans should see a $1.74 reduction.
Commercial customers of Turlock Scavenger will soon see smaller bills as well, falling on average 2.29 percent from last year’s costs.
Drop-box haul charges will see a hefty increase, however, jumping 33 percent. A 20-29 yard box, which cost $138 last year, will now be priced at $186.17.
A planned revision to Stanislaus County’s Public Facilities Impact Fees program was put on hold Tuesday, in the wake of concerns that a pending updated county Capital Improvement Plan will drastically impact the document.
“We have a strong desire to do this right,” said Stan Risen, Assistant Executive Officer.
The document, as proposed, calls for several changes to the current facilities fees program.
While 12 of 18 development classifications would see decreases in fees, new industrial fees could increase costs for some developers by as much as 500 percent.
“In my meetings I’ve heard some alarming numbers,” said Stanislaus County District 2 Supervisor Vito Chiesa. “We have to be cognizant of the fact that businesses will locate based on competitive rates.
Additionally, a revision to the document will remove costs assessed to fast food restaurants but will add a surcharge for businesses with drivethroughs, catching drugstores and coffee shops under the net of the program.
An updated plan is expected to return to the Board of Supervisors in about six months.
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