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A long ride
crazy cowboy
Luke Nowlin and his horse Geno find a place to rest on Tuesday at the home of Tim Holveck in Denair. - photo by ANDREA GOODWIN / The Journal

Luke Nowlin and his horse “Geno” have traveled a long way to get to the Central Valley. The pair started out in Emerald Isle, N.C. around 150 days ago. Nowlin has traveled across the country on horseback, and is nearing his end destination of Eureka.

“I want to encounter American people where they are in their lives,” Nowlin said.

Geno and Nowlin stopped in Denair on Tuesday, where they stayed with Tim Holveck and visited Gratton School. Nowlin met Holveck at a draft horse auction in Tulare. Holveck owns Rolling H Carriage Company in Denair, and offered to let Nowlin and his horse stay if they were ever in the area. Nowlin said his trip is really about the people he meets. He keeps all of his contacts in a journal and makes an effort to keep communicating with the strangers who opened their homes to him. He said that riding a horse cross-country is a great way to meet people.

“You can’t meet people or see the things I’ve seen going 75 miles per hour,” Nowlin said.

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