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Bakery and pizzeria ready to join downtown scene
Crust and Crumb 3
Ediths Crust & Crumb, a fast-casual pizzeria, is set to open downtown by March 1 where they will feature artisan pizza, fresh baked bread and sandwiches. - photo by NATALIE WINTERS/The Journal

Name of Business: Edith’s Crust & Crumb

Type of Business: Pizzeria Bakery

Hours: To be determined

Location: 428 E. Main St.

Contact Information: 850-9269

Business Specialty: Bakery breads and Artisan Pizza


Downtown Turlock is welcoming yet another extravagant eatery with Edith’s Crust & Crumb pizzeria and bakery.


Ellen and George Kosmas are set to open Crust & Crumb within the next couple weeks, pending health inspections and permits.


Although two separate businesses, Edith’s Crust & Crumb is directly related to Edith’s Gourmet Baking Co. in Modesto and Ellen Kosmas plans to incorporate the love she and her husband have for baking fresh bread to the next level by baking artisan pizza, as well.


“We’re kind of expanding on what we did with the bakery concept,” she said.  “Everything is made from scratch with no additives or preservatives; the pizza will be hand tossed, there’s no machine work.”


The Kosmas have been participating in the Turlock Certified Farmers’ Market for roughly eight years and are eager to feature the fresh, local ingredients on their pizzas.


“We’re looking to team up with companies at the farmers’ market because it’s important for us to keep it as local as possible,” said Ellen Kosmas. “When it starts back up again we’d like to even feature a weekly special farmers’ market pizza.”


Aside from weekly specialties, the Kosmas will share a pizza on the menu that’s a spin on one of their favorite Greek dishes, Spanakopita — a spinach pie savory pastry.


“It’s my husband’s favorite and we’re sure the customers will enjoy it as well,” said Ellen Kosmas.


She explained she prefers vegetarian pizzas and has been working on a Mediterranean special with black olives and feta cheese.


“Pizza is such an open canvas, it’s easy to get carried away,” she said. “We don’t want our menu to be overwhelming so we’ll start with around 10 pizzas and also feature a ‘build your own.’”


As if the bakery and pizza wasn’t enough, Edith’s Crust & Crumb will also feature sandwiches as well, including a pulled pork specialty.


Kosmas hopes that Edith’s Crust & Crumb will be open by March 1 and encourages those interested to visit their Facebook page for updates and announcements.


“We’re very excited to open downtown,” said Ellen Kosmas. “The sense of community and people of Turlock are so welcoming.”


As far as the name goes, Ellen laughs that Edith is her “stage name.”


“When we bought the store in Modesto around 20 years ago, we kept the name because we knew there was a following and history behind it,” she said. “I joke with my customers that Edith is my stage name, and my husband, well, he’s just George.”