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Beat the heat with shaved ice from Fancy Frost
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Geonna Solari and Madysen Costa enjoy shaved ice from downtown Turlocks newest business, Fancy Frost. - photo by ANGELINA MARTIN/The Journal

Name of business: Fancy Frost


Type of business: Mobile shaved ice van


Location: 221 S. Center St., Turlock


Hours: Noon to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday; noon to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday


Contact information: Instagram - @fancyfrostice


Specialty: Unique flavor combinations


History of business:


When Emmanuel Perez moved to Turlock from Salinas nearly seven years ago, he found that the best way to deal with the all-too-common heat waves in the Central Valley was through a tasty treat: flavored, shaved ice. Now, Perez has used his familiarity with the product to open his own unique spin on the classic food truck.

Fancy Frost, which rolls through town in a vintage, custom-built Volkswagen van, has found a home in downtown Turlock for the summer in the paved lot on the corner of South Center Street and Crane Avenue. Perez also owns an auto repair shop in town, and wanted to give Turlockers a place that has the feel of a food truck, but completely different look.

“I wanted to do something different than anyone else, and we’re pretty much the only people that have something like this.” said Perez. “I custom built most of the stuff in the van. Everything I do, I try to stand apart from what everyone else is doing and become a trendsetter.”

Fancy Frost serves nearly 50 flavors of shaved ice, but doesn’t just stick to the average tastes found at other shaved ice locations. The van also provides 10 unique flavor combinations, such as s’mores-flavored ice and a margarita option, which comes in a special cup. Special toppings are available as well.

“We focus on quality and attention to detail,” said Perez. “I have so many ideas, and hope to expand the business into a franchise one day.”

Despite the Turlock City Council’s 2015 decision to ban food trucks in downtown core, Fancy Frost is able to operate on Back Home’s lot through a lease agreement with the décor shop. The location is also located on the commercial/industrial area on the district’s south side, where food trucks are allowed.

Perez has admired Turlock’s downtown area since he moved here, he said. After working on Fancy Frost’s van for nearly a year, finally owning a business in the area he loves feels like a great accomplishment.

“At the end of the day I wanted to be as close to downtown as I could. Our downtown is unique if you look at other places, from Fresno to Sacramento,” said Perez. “The atmosphere and the people in it are different than anywhere else. It’s pretty rewarding now that it’s all said and done.”

Fancy Frost will remain at its current location for the remainder of the summer, but Perez said the mobile van could move in a few months. He hopes to serve the Turlock community, which is no stranger to supporting locally-owned businesses – especially in downtown Turlock.


“When you buy from me or other small businesses, you’re helping my kids go to school and giving them a future,” said Perez. “The money stays here in the community.”