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City water customers on metered billing as of Jan. 1
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Beginning in January, all City of Turlock utility customers will be billed for water based on actual water consumption, as indicated by their water meter. 

According to Dan Madden, Municipal Services director at the City of Turlock, “pursuant to Assembly Bill 2572, which was passed in 2004,  state law now requires that all water accounts with meters must be charged based on consumption no later than 2011, and all water accounts must be metered by 2025.”

The conversion to metered billing from a flat rate service is the culmination of a City of Turlock project that began in 2007, pursuant to AB 2572.  The decision for early compliance and the installation of water meters city-wide was made after a water rate study conducted by ECO LOGIC Engineers, Inc. indicated significant advantages including; better pricing, more immediate water conservation and efficiency, equity for all water customers, and minimal disruptions to service. The city’s current metered rate for water is $1.07 per 1,000 gallons with a minimum charge of $22.05.  Customers receive 20,607 gallons of water for the minimum charge. In addition, there is a water meter replacement fee of $2 per month.  Therefore, a typical water bill is $24.05 when a customer uses no more than 20,607 gallons of water per month.  For example, if a customer uses 35,000 gallons in a month, the bill would be calculated as 35,000 / 1,000 x $1.07 = $37.45.    In addition, there is the $2 water meter replacement fee for a total monthly bill of $39.45.  Customers can view their actual water use by signing up for a free online account on the City of Turlock Web site,  From the home page, click on the icon that reads “What Can I Do with an Online Account” and follow the instructions to register. The online account will estimate meter-based bills and compare it to the current flat rate bill.  The city estimated that, for the average water customer, the annual cost for water will change little with meter-based billing.  However, most customers will notice seasonal variations in their bill, with a lower bill in the winter and a higher bill in the summer — when, typically, water use increases.  More information about meter-based billing and tips for water conservation can be found on the City of Turlock's Web site at