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Conservation Corner: WaterSense facts
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Did you know...
• Water is a finite resource-even though about 70 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water, less than 1 percent is available for human use.
• Turlock must reduce water use by 32 percent per the Governor's Executive Order.
• In 2014, Turlock's residential per capita water use was 190 gallons per day in spring and s summer and 100 GALLONS per day in fall and winter.
What is WaterSense?
WaterSense is a program by the United States Environmental Protection Agency that looks for ways to protect water supply by offering ways to use less water with water efficient products. There is a branded WaterSense label placed on every product that meets USEPA criteria.
1. WaterSense labeled products are 20 percent more water-efficient and perform as well as or better than standard models.
2. WaterSense labeled toilets use 20 percent less water per flush but perform as well as or better than today's standard toilets and older toilets that use much more water.
3. The WaterSense label is now found on more than 1,600 models of showerheads, 1,900 models of tank-type toilets, 6,800 models of faucet or faucet accessories, and 150 models of weather-based irrigation controllers that are independently certified to meet US Environmental Protection Agency's criteria for both water efficiency and performance.
4. Using WaterSense labeled faucets or faucet accessories can reduce a household's faucet water use by more than 500 gallons annually-that's enough water to do 14 loads of laundry.
5. If one in every 10 homes in the United States were to install WaterSense labeled faucets or faucet accessories in their bathrooms, it could save 6 billion gallons of water, and more than $50 million in the energy costs to supply, heat, and treat that water.
6. If all inefficient toilets in U.S. homes were converted to WaterSense labeled models, we could save more than 640 billion gallons of water per year-the equivalent to 15 days of flow over Niagara Falls.
For questions or additional information, please contact Municipal Services at 209-668-5590.
Data was acquired from the United States Environmental Protections Agency's website:

Repair faucets: Small drips add up to 100-300 gallons a day. Repair leaky faucets immediately.