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Family-owned fruit barn expands to offer more than just fresh produce
J&J Ramos Farms
Owner Alex Ramos poses in front of the new J&J Ramos Farms warehouse (CHRISTOPHER CORREA/The Journal).

Name of business: J&J Ramos Farms

Type of business: Fresh produce and bakery

Location: 2507 Geer Rd., Hughson

Hours: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily

Contact information: (209) 883-4680 or


History of business:

J&J Farms was founded 25 years ago by Joe and Josie Cipponeri. After the business was handed off to Alex Ramos and his family, they have slowly been expanding their store and selection of products, making it a staple for fresh produce and baked goods in Hughson and the surrounding 209 region.

Ramos explained that the business has come a long way since starting out as just a fruit stand at a corner in Hughson.

“It started as a little shack on the roadside and we’ve just kept adding and adding stuff,” Ramos said.

One of the biggest aspects of the business’ expansion has been the warehouse, which is where main operations take place. Within the open-air warehouse are a variety of goods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, pies and more. Ramos explained how each of the products within his store is grown, picked, packaged and distributed by his family.

“We’ve farmed all around this area,” Ramos explained. “We don’t just buy stuff from other places. We’re the actual farmers. We want to make sure that this is the most fresh and homegrown products that people in our area can get.”

In recent months, J&J Farms began introducing baked goods. The family initially started with just pies, but Ramos felt as if there was a unique opportunity in front of them at their location on Geer Road.

“We only sold pies to start out with but we’ve started doing turnovers, cookies and other smaller pastries like cinnamon rolls and morning buns,” he said. “We felt as if people travelling through this area or casually walking buy could grab something smaller instead of a whole pie, which is why we also added coffee and fresh drinks like orange juice.”

He added that nearly every single recipe for their baked goods come straight from the mind of original owner Josie Cipponeri, and that those recipes are shared with a select few members of the current J&J team. Ramos believes that the public has an appreciation for products that are fresh and locally grown, and it is evident in their recent success.

“Right now, cherries are selling and the new additions to the bakery have become really popular. In the summer, its peaches, peaches and more peaches, so we’re looking forward to that,” Ramos joked.

Ramos explained that the success was a key part in the decision to build the new warehouse. He described the process of building the warehouse as long and laborious, but it was something he and his family were accustomed to by growing up in agriculture and working in orchards and fields.

“It was tough. We were out here every day, even in the middle of summer when it was burning hot, but I love the way it all came together. We wanted to make this a clean and convenient space for people to grab fresh produce at any time,” he said.

J&J Farms sell most of their produce based on the season. Ramos explained that easiest way to keep track of what is in season and what is available at the warehouse is to follow the business on Instagram at @JJRamosFarms and on Facebook at @JJProduceAnd Bakery.