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First Baptist senior pastor retires after 29 years in Turlock
pastor pic
Pastor Bob Reichert - photo by Photo Contributed

It came as a calling from God. A tickle. A nudge.

 “I’ve always been oriented in Christianity and spiritual practice as a kid but didn’t receive the calling from God until I was in my 20s,” said First Baptist Church Senior Pastor Bob Reichert. “I was attending Colorado State University at the time and majored in plant pathology. The doors, so to speak, weren’t opening when I graduated so I was encouraged to visit a seminar in Denver. I graduated with my Masters in Divinity and been leading the word of God for 49 years.”

Following his graduation at Denver, Reichert and his wife Mary made the move to Monterrey, Calif. where he became an associate pastor for 16 years overseeing youth group and Christian education.

 “After being there for more than a decade I felt the desire to do my own thing and be the head of a congregation,” said Reichert.  “There was an opening at First Baptist in Turlock and have been here ever since. The people and the community have been very good to us. We have a very loving and accepting congregation.”

After guiding First Baptist Church for 29 years, Reichert will retire this week to embark a new chapter in life.

 “To think that I won’t come here and preach every Sunday makes my heart ache,” said Reichert. “I would thrive on arriving here every Sunday. I also enjoyed the fellowship I developed with other pastors around the community.”

Reichert and his wife will remain in Turlock after retirement.

“It’s a good town with good churches and great people,” said Reichert. “I’ve also come to love the atmosphere and soil fragrance of the area.”