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Fitness program aims to improve senior health
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The aging process brings with it a multitude of obstacles, from memory loss to health issues. At Covenant Village of Turlock, the continuing care retirement community is hoping to help area seniors combat these problems through a free health and fitness program.


“A New You for a New Year” is a first-year program which aims to educate the elderly on skills and strategies they can use to improve their fitness levels, ultimately leading to healthier, more fulfilling lives. Though Covenant Village has offered similar programs in the past, “A New You for a New Year” covers fitness methods in a larger capacity than ever before, said Fitness Coordinator Bobby Moser.


“Programs in the past were more specific towards doing a singular exercise program, or individual subjects like osteoporosis or heart and memory health,” said Moser. “This program is designed to be a broad scope about the importance of exercise and the positive impacts it can have on acute illness, chronic illness and things that can have a drastic effect on our bodies as we age.”

Moser, who coordinates and manages group and individual exercise programming at Covenant Village, will share the latest statistics, simple science, methods, and strategies to assist guests with creating an exercise program that works, is fun, and is easy to incorporate into a busy schedule. It is recommended that seniors partake in up to 130 minutes of cardiovascular exercise or two to three days of resistance training per week.

 According to Moser, seniors who incorporate a regular fitness routine into their everyday lives can help alleviate, improve and even prevent some of the most common age-related afflictions, such as muscle loss, osteoporosis, heart disease, dementia and balance issues.

“Our goal at Covenant Village is to create a healthier community, whether it be our own community at Covenant or regionally,” said Moser. “We know that when people are healthier, they thrive and it benefits everyone.”

The fitness program will first deliver the message of why exercise is important, said Moser, and he will also share national statistics on the benefits of an active lifestyle, disease rates and how exercise benefits seniors who suffer from various ailments as they age.

“A New You for a New Year” will be held at 1 p.m. on Jan. 20 at Covenant Village, located at 2125 N. Olive Ave. The event is free and open to the public, but space is limited and attendees must RSVP no later than Jan. 18. by calling 877-834-1238 or visiting