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In & Out Smart Repair makes broken electronics new again
In Business pic
In & Out Smart Repair manager Joe Hernandez examines customer Ana Laras cell phone prior to accepting the device for repair. - photo by ANGELINA MARTIN/The Journal

Type of business: Electronic device repair shop


Hours: Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Location: 2802 W. Monte Vista Ave.


Contact information: 209-250-2828


Specialty: Screen repairs


History of Business:


Everyone who has owned a cell phone knows how fragile they tend to be. One slip of the hand, and the expensive device can fall to the ground in a matter of seconds, leaving shattered glass and, likely, a lot of frustration in its wake. Luckily for those who have experienced this heartbreak, In & Out Smart Repair can fix phones, iPads and laptops quickly and efficiently, saving its customers both time and money.


Located conveniently at Monte Vista Crossings, those looking for a repair can bring their electronic device into In & Out Smart Repair, visit several of the shopping locales the area has to offer, then return to find the device in mint condition.


“I tell our customers, ‘Go grab something to eat, and by the time you get back I’ll be done,” said store manager Joe Hernandez.


Though the time it takes to repair each device varies, Hernandez said that iPhones, the shop’s most frequent repair, can be completed within an hour. Other phones can take anywhere from a couple of hours to half a day, he said, while iPad repairs typically take one day. The speedy turnaround is one reason many choose to bring their devices to In & Out Smart Repair, rather than taking them to their original manufacturers.


“A lot of manufacturers don’t do a lot of their repairs on site,” said Hernandez. “They have to send it away to be fixed, so you’ll be looking at a wait time of anywhere between a few days and a week. Places like us exist so that you can get something fixed and leave with your device in a short amount of time.”


In addition to speedily repairing devices, Hernandez also emphasized that what sets In & Out Smart Repair apart from its competition is its ability to provide iPhone parts with limited lifetime warranties, as well as their customer service.


“I try to take care of everybody,” said Hernandez. “If it sounds like something that may not be able to be done, I don’t just say that we can’t do it. I research it and try to figure it out to see if there’s something we can do.”


In & Out Smart Repair’s services include hardware repairs, and range in price from $60 for most internal parts and between $120 and $380 for new screens, depending on the phone’s model. For Hernandez, providing quality repairs that customers can trust is the business’s motto.


“A phone is like a car – when the check engine light comes on, you figure out what’s wrong,” he said. “We’ll ask questions and find out what the phone’s symptoms are, and we try to diagnose the phone before we do any type of repair.”