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Know Your Neighbor: Ryan Tribble
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Ryan Tribble is a fourth-generation Turlocker, but many around town know him for the role he plays at Turlock High School teaching Psychology. - photo by Photo Contributed

Ryan Tribble is a fourth-generation Turlocker, but many around town know him for the role he plays at Turlock High School teaching Psychology. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in the subject in Chico during the late 90’s, Tribble worked at the Stanislaus Academy in the Excel Center teaching all subjects, while also substitute teaching throughout Turlock Unified School District. He joined the THS staff in 2004, and has continued teaching Turlock’s students about the human mind ever since.


Q: What first inspired you to become a teacher?

A: I would say that I was first inspired by a teacher I had in 8th grade history class at Turlock Junior High, his name was Pete Gannon. Pete along with Ken Donaldson, my math teacher at Turlock High School, had a passion for not only the subject they taught, but also for their students’ overall well-being. They taught us life lessons through their subjects and had great stories that accompanied their lessons. These two gentlemen planted seeds in my life that would later blossom when I discovered that I wanted to be a teacher. I have had and currently have family members in the teaching profession. And so, one may say that teaching has always been a part of my life whether I knew it or not. My first personal experience of discovering that I wanted to become a teacher was in my early 20s. I had changed majors more than a few times and was searching still for what I was "meant" to do. I was inspired by my uncle to ask the internal question of "why?" around this time and had the financial backing and parental support to explore this question through the avenue of college. 


Q: How did you become interested in psychology, and what do you love most about teaching it?

A: This pursuit landed me in many philosophy, religious studies, and psychology classes. These classes provided a foundation to internally explore. As time progressed and I got closer to graduation, psychology became the cornerstone of my profession. What I love most about teaching this subject to young minds is that all of life's circumstances, happenings, and experiences fall under the umbrella of psychology. This allows me to teach not only my subject but also to ask my students questions that they will explore their whole lives. In psychology, there is not much that is 100 percent true all the time. So, utilizing the curriculum of psychology and incorporating it with one's belief schemas, my hopes are these young minds will grow towards much love, compassion, kindness, and understanding.


Q: What is your favorite part about walking into the classroom every day?

A: Going to work at Turlock High School is 95 percent awesome! Then, like every other person that has a job, sometimes it's just work. But I have been blessed to enjoy most every day. I am welcomed by my students daily and the rapport that I am able to develop with them allows for discussions in class that explore all different angles. And, most students feel free to share who they are and what they believe without the prejudice and anger that we can so often see while watching CNN, CSNBC, or Fox News, haha! There is not one part of my day that I enjoy over another part, while I am at work. Coffee in my garden in the mornings with my wife and high points around the dinner table with my family are my two favorite personal non-job related times of the day.


Q: What is one thing you hope to accomplish this school year?

A: This year in the classroom, like every other year, I hope to inspire a young mind to simply be who they are without fear of prejudice, discrimination, or negative judgment. I also hope that they do so with much love, compassion, kindness, and understanding towards their fellow human.


Q: What is your favorite thing to do in Turlock for fun?

A: My favorite thing to do in Turlock is go out to eat. My family and I love El Jardin, Dust Bowl, and JuJu Thai... oh, and late night Jack in the Box as a special treat.


Q: What is the last book or TV show that captivated you?

A: I am a daily reader and am currently finishing the 8 books of Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series. A student of mine named Kyle bought me the first book for Christmas and I haven't been able to put them down since. The last movie that inspired me was called "The Way.” It's a story about a man completing his dead son's trek of the El Camino del Santiago, a trail from Northern Spain to the Atlantic Ocean. I love hiking and backpacking so I identify with this movie.


Q: What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

A: It's hard to pick something that people would be surprised to learn about me. When I meet people for the first time, many are surprised that I am a teacher because I am a long haired, bearded, tattooed guy. People are surprised that I travel abroad with students every summer for the past 5 years; next year Italy! I color coordinate my shirts in the closet; I love video games; I cut off my thumb in 2000, and as much as I love backpacking, I don't really like to be dirty.