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New doctor in town fights disease
Doctor Alexander Evens is the new medical director for Infection Control at Emanuel Hospital. - photo by Photo Contributed
Infectious diseases can spread from the brain, to the heart, or to the foot.  Each doctor has their specialty that they are trained in, like a neurosurgeon who is trained to diagnose problems in the brain. But if there is a disease in the liver of a brain tumor patient, the neurosurgeon might not be aware of the problem because that isn’t the doctor’s specialty.     
Dr. Alexander Evens, steps in to help out other doctors diagnose the infectious disease to save the patient.
“The majority of infectious disease is inpatient-based,” Evens said. “Cases are essentially complicated infections that the primary care physician does not feel experienced in treating.”  
Evens is the first medical director for Infection Control for Emanuel Medical Center.
Evens has his own practice at The Tower. His position at Emanuel only requires a certain amount of hours a week, said John Gilbert, assistant vice president for physician relations and marketing at Emanuel Medical Center.
Evens spends most of his time at Emanuel and works at the clinic at The Tower once a week. Most of his patients are referred to him by other physicians.    
Diagnosing infectious diseases can be difficult and doctors have to look for clues, Evens said. He joked that it is like the TV series “House” with searching for clues and problem solving.  
“It is very rewarding to feel that you are curing somebody,” he said. “Medicine just takes the pain away but it doesn’t necessarily cure the disease. Solving the mystery of the disease cures the patient.”  
Originally from Southern California, Evens is new to Turlock. He said he really enjoys the switch from the “rat race in Los Angeles” to his life in the Central Valley.  
“Turlock is fantastic,” he said. “We have definitely been rubbed the right way here. We have yet to meet a mean soul here.”  
Evens said Turlock is the perfect fit for him and his wife. His wife also works at Emanuel Hospital as a psychiatrist. Currently she is taking time off to have a baby next month.  
Coming from Southern California, Evens said he was surprised to find there was no infectious disease director in Turlock. He said his goal is to not just help the people in Turlock with infectious diseases, but to help the surrounding areas as well.  
“I want to help provide the community, as a whole, with my infectious disease expertise,” Evens said.  
Evens received his bachelor of science degree in 2000 from UC San Diego. He earned his doctorate degree in 2004 from Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. He did three years of residency and two years of training for infectious disease in Southern California. Evens was awarded a Pfizer infectious diseases fellowship scholarship in 2007 and he was awarded an ICAAC Fellows Grant in 2008.  
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