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New Years fitness goals: One month later
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Exercisers feel the burn at the grand opening of the new Turlock Active Brenda Athletic Club on Monday. - photo by ANDREA GOODWIN/ The Journal

The ball has dropped, the Champagne bottle is empty, and the novelty of the new year is starting to wear off. Resolutions that were so adamantly proclaimed at the stroke of midnight have faded to distant memories for many Turlockers. Others are still clinging to the hope that a new year can mean a clean slate for accomplishing the goals they most want to meet. We are one month in to 2011, and it is the make-or-break point for New Years’ resolutions.

Popular website, where users can set goals, has collaborated lists of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions from users for the last five years. One goal that appears in the top 10 resolutions in almost every country, every year, is “lose weight.”  Other related resolutions include getting fit, going to the gym more often, and meeting an athletic goal.

Mandy Lewis and Monica Silvira started their New Year’s fitness goals a month early in December, and as of Monday, they were still going strong. The two attended the grand opening of the new Brenda Athletic center and did a full workout on the new equipment. They both work out at least three times a week, and they both said that getting fit was a goal.

“I think it has been great so far. Working out is also a good stress reliever,” Silvira said.

Brenda Athletic Club opened its Turlock Active location on Monday. This new gym is the second in the country to offer “The Life Fitness Journey,” a fitness facility design that Brenda hopes will keep members motivated to continue their fitness program.

Randy Price, executive director of Brenda Athletics, said that the layout of the new Turlock Active location is different from most gyms of that size. He said that the outdoor theme and bright colors are made to keep people in a better mood. Several half-walls also offer more privacy than an open gym design and allows Brenda to group equipment by skill level. This grouping can help members advance from a beginner level to a more advanced fitness program.

“We really push to keep our members active and involved,” Price said

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