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New Yoga studio seeks to bring balance to Turlock
IB Koru pwr yoga.PNG
Lorie Wilson (left) and Korin Wallace are all smiles after a Koru Power Yoga class. - photo by Photo Contributed

Name of Business: Koru Power Yoga Studio

Type of Business: Yoga studio

Hours: M-TH 8:30 a.m./6:15 p.m.

                Saturday: 8:30 a.m.

                Sunday: 4:30 p.m.

Location: 345 S. Golden State Blvd

Contact Information: 209-534-4190;

Business Specialty:  Baptiste style yoga

When Korin Wallace originally opened her Koru Power Yoga Studio in January 2012, Oakdale was its sole home.  The purpose was to serve the community by providing a space for individuals to safely discover their self-transformation and practice the Baptiste style yoga she incorporated.

Baptiste style yoga is heated power yoga that is designed to challenge your body and mentally practice meditation and inquiry—used as tools for whole self and life transformation.

The vision of expansion came to light when Turlock native and CSU Stanislaus alumna, Lorie Wilson, began taking the donation based classes and was sold on the Baptiste style of yoga.

“The more I went to the classes, the more I desired to have something like that in Turlock,” Wilson said. “I approached [Korin] about working together and she was open to expanding—next thing you know we became partners for Koru Power Yoga.”

Wallace discovered the Koru while living in New Zealand.  The term is Maori for “loop” and represents a spiral shape of a new unfurling silver frond, symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace.

Wallace and Wilson opened the Turlock location in May.  It is a donation based studio, just as the studio in Oakdale. Rather than a membership fee, people donate what they feel they can afford.

Wallace originally began the donation based studio when her brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and the donations were able to assist with his medical bills. 

“She was amazed with the support,” Wilson said. “Korin saw how it created such a beautiful sense of community and she continued to operate under a donation based program.”

Wallace owns both locations and Wilson operates the Turlock studio. 

It is open to all levels of yoga and the donation based style allows everyone the opportunity to participate.

“Yoga can translate from the mat to your life in so many positive ways,” Wallace said. “It allows you to better relate to people around you, respond to situations in non-reactive ways, and it gives you the tools for clarity, balance, integrity—and the big thing in Baptiste is authenticity—be real, and be in the moment.”