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'Staging Beautifully' homes for sale is Kim Roberts specialty
Staging Beaut pic
Kim Roberts of Staging Beautifully can fill an empty house with magazine-perfect furnishings (like in the house above) to help attract a buyer. - photo by CANDY PADILLA / The Journal

Name of Business: Staging Beautifully

Hours of operation: Anytime by appointment

Contact: Owner Kim Roberts,  620-4139

History of business: A beautifully decorated home can bring joy and comfort to a family in their everyday lives, but a house "staged" with the perfect furniture and accessories to highlight its architectural design can also make all the difference when it comes time to sell.

Staging Beautifully owner Kim Roberts has always had an eye for interior design. Recently she decided to take that creative energy in a new direction with home staging.

"I've just always loved to decorate my own house and the houses of friends and family, and neighbors," said Roberts. "I saw a need here in Turlock for staging. It's popular in larger cities. I took staging courses and decided to make it a full time business."

Roberts, who has a bachelor's degree in communication arts, is a graduate of the Staging Diva home staging business program.

Both those looking to sell a house that has been empty for a while and those currently living in a house they're trying to sell can benefit from staging, said Roberts.

"What I have come to realize is people have a difficult time envisioning themselves in an empty space. when you put in furnishings and basic decor it helps define spaces and helps them have a point of reference, a launching point for them to visualize what can be done with the space," she said.

"People who don't have an empty house, but are living in it, they often need help editing down. You should show off the structure of the house, rather than your things... so it will appeal to a broad audience of buyers."

Business specialty: Have a brick fireplace with two columns that reach 5 feet up the wall and empty space in between? Not a problem for Roberts. She just finds the perfect painting to place in the awkward space and the 1970's brick looks like it was made for the piece.

"I usually look for what's the most awkward spot in the room and fix it first and the rest of the room falls in place," she said.

Making any house, large or small, look magazine perfect is Roberts specialty.

Roberts starts all her consultations with a walk through, from curb to the back fence. She can then give the home owners her recommendations for them to consider and implement, or she can help make it all happen.

Although home repairs, fresh paint and new carpet may be needed, her recommendations usually start at the small things, like a good spring cleaning of floors and windows and a de-cluttering.

"A clean look, stylish and clutter-free is best. Many don't realize how much that stack of magazines on the table or pile of shoes at the door impacts a buyer when they walk in."