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Turlock’s Kramer goes solar in post-baseball endeavors
Kevin Kramer solar
Turlock's Kevin Kramer has set his sights on entrepreneurship with his recently launched solar company, Provision Power (Photo contributed).

After his seven-year professional baseball career came to an end in late 2021, Turlock native and former Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Kevin Kramer has set his sights on entrepreneurship with a new solar business, Provision Power.

Kramer founded Provision Power in February of this year. He explained that business and entrepreneurship has always been something that he was interested.

“I’ve done a couple different things even as I played. I dabbled in real estate and I run the Kramer Family Foundation. I’ve always been a guy who enjoys finance, business, entrepreneurship partnerships, collaborations, all those things. I’ve prided myself as a guy as someone who is willing to do the homework and put in the work,” Kramer said.

While Kramer always had the interest in business, it was not until he became a solar customer himself that he realized he could flourish within the energy industry. He explained that when he and his wife, Riley, first moved to Arizona, their subpar experiences with other solar companies gave him the motivation to try and make a difference.

“I had first looked into solar when we first moved out here to Arizona. Due to travelling with baseball, we were still spending a good chunk of change on energy even though we weren’t there,” Kramer explained. “One offseason, I sat down with a couple companies and told them what I was looking for, and quite honestly the experience wasn’t great. I didn’t feel like they were listening to what I wanted. I didn’t feel like they cared to know me or my family and it just felt so ‘salesy’ to me.”

Kramer felt as if the solar industry was lacking in informing people of the benefits of solar. Instead of focusing on profit, Kramer believes that the industry has a responsibility to educate the public, help people save money, and intimately create a cleaner environment. Living in Arizona, he also realized that solar was much more common there than when he was growing up in Turlock and felt a sense of personal sense of responsibility due to recent environmental standards across the globe.

“Solar only accounts for 4% of our national electricity production, and to have a significant impact on the environment and to meet our carbon offset standards by 2050, that number will have to jump to 50%. From an environmental standpoint, solar is the only and most easily attainable product that can get us to that point,” Kramer said.

With this increased interest and sense of responsibility as it related to solar energy, one of Kramer’s first steps was to join a startup company and gain experience once he was released by the Milwaukee Brewers in August of 2021. He explained that many people within the startup had different views of how they wanted the company to run, which led to a split, opening a unique window of opportunity.

“That startup had some different opinions of where we wanted to take the company, so we parted our own ways,” he said. “I had already done the homework and helped family and friends with going solar and decided to go on my own. I just decided to create a better experience and allow homeowners to own their energy rather than rent it.”

Provision Power is currently serving every region and city within California, Arizona and Florida. The business has also expanded to have five full time sales representatives.

“Even though it’s only been a few months, it’s been a great experience,” Kramer said. “I’m just super excited to see Provision Power grow.”