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University to open art gallery downtown
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While Turlock’s downtown restaurant scene has expanded in recent years, the area will soon be playing host to a more culturally appetizing establishment: the California State University, Stanislaus Art Gallery.

Made possible through the generous contributions of private donors, the CSU Stanislaus Art Gallery has been in the making for four years. While the aim is to display student art, the gallery will be more than a place to admire works, as it will include an interactive component with a Building Imagination Center and studios for students working towards their Bachelor of Fine Arts. Of the 130 art majors at CSU Stanislaus, about 24 students are working towards their BFA, which is a higher level major of study that requires more coursework.

“As the Art Department of the University, part of our mission is that we have a gallery to serve both our students and the community and we thought what better way to serve the community than having  a place downtown,” said Roxanne Robbin, chair of the Art Department.

The Building Imagination Center, which was formerly located in downtown Modesto, will focus on video production and exhibitions of Central Valley community members, alumni  and graduate movie makers, while also hosting community workshops for classes and student projects.  The Lofts for the BFA students will provide undergraduate students the rare opportunity to hone their craft in a dedicated space. The gallery will also serve as an exhibition space for work of CSU Stanislaus students as well as international artists.

“Ultimately, we believe that opening the Art Space on Main will bring us closer to our mission by engaging the community more directly,” said Robbin.

CSU Stanislaus Art Gallery director Dean DeCocker and Building Imagination Center director Jessica Gomula-Kruzic will oversee the gallery space, which will not only be a place for community members to satisfy their artistic interests, but also provide students in the Art Department professional experience in running an exhibition space.

The CSU Stanislaus Art Gallery will open at the intersection of Main Street and Broadway in downtown Turlock and is scheduled to have a soft opening geared towards students in May with the official opening in the early fall