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Volunteering event to help local seniors
Jim Chapman, in the foreground, and Gene Carrillo of Turlock Sunrise Rotary paint a building at Donnelly Park during the 2008 Turlock Shines project. - photo by Journal file photo
Turlock Shines 2009
What: A volunteer event to clean up Donnelly Park, local roads, alley ways and other property, and help senior citizens with yard work.
When: 7:30 a.m. on Oct. 3
Where: Volunteers will gather at Donnelly Park, then be assigned specific projects.
For more information, call Mary Jackson at 585-7372.

Volunteers from across Turlock will come together to clean up their city at the second annual Turlock Shines event.
On Oct. 3, volunteers will meet at Donnelley Park to organize and form cleaning and maintenance teams. One team will be re-finishing the play area at Donnelley Park, and the rest will be disbursed throughout Turlock to clean up yards, alley ways, and other public property. One of the bigger teams will be cleaning trash from the median and roadside of Golden State Boulevard from Monte Vista Avenue to Taylor Road.
Turlock City Councilwoman Mary Jackson, the event organizer, said that volunteers are still needed for this year’s Turlock Shines.
“When you volunteer your time to help others, in my opinion, you are the one who gets the most out of it,” Jackson said.
Jackson said that the focus of the event this year is helping out senior citizens. Volunteers will pull weeds, paint homes, and do other maintenance work at the homes of Turlock seniors.
“They really can’t get up on the roof or trim the yard like they used to,” Jackson said.
Timm LaVelle, who helped organize the inaugural Turlock Shines event last year, said the focus of the first Turlock Shines was the sanding and re-painting of Donnelley Park’s play park. Other teams picked up trash and removed brush throughout the city.
“We’re hoping to have as good a turn out as last year,” LaVelle said.
He estimated that about 12 tons of garbage were collected during the first Turlock Shines. Almost 200 people volunteered for last year’s event.
“Even though it rained that day, I don’t think anyone went home,” LaVelle said.
Jackson said that volunteers should bring gloves, rakes, cordless lawnmowers and weed-wackers and any other yard work appliances they have.
“People should bring whatever they would need to clean up their own lawn at home,” Jackson said.
Volunteers are also needed to transport trash and yard clippings to Turlock Scavenger. Volunteers can dump waste from Turlock Shines at Turlock Scavenger the morning of the event with a special permit. Jackson said that it is not a free dump day, and volunteers will need to see an event coordinator to get a free dumping pass.
Turlock Shines is also in need of donated breakfast foods to serve to volunteers. Jackson said that they are also hoping to have a hotdog barbecue, if they can get donations for that too.
Anyone interested in volunteering can sign up at Turlock City Hall on the second floor. Volunteers will meet between 7:30 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. on Oct. 3 at the covered area of Donnelley Park near the play area. Any senior citizens who have outside work that needs to be done at their home can call Mary Jackson at 585-7372.
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