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Water conservation tips for the workplace
water faucet
The California Senate voted 28-9 on Thursday to lower the allowed amount of water to 47 gallons per person per day starting in 2025; and 42 gallons per person per day beginning in 2030.

Inefficient use of water may be costing your business more than you think. Follow these simple, yet effective practices around the workplace to avoid unnecessary water waste and to conserve our precious resource.

1. Assess Water Uses – Walk the facility to assess all the ways that your workplace uses water such as cleaning shop floors, outdoor water use, or production.

2. Conduct a Water Audit – Determine if water is being used or wasted.

3. Measure and Monitor – Read your meter or utility bill on a regular basis to monitor water use and identify patterns of normalcy (average use) or irregularities (high use).

4. Leaks – Identify and repair leaks as they arise. Leaks at sinks, valves, machinery, and landscape areas can waste thousands of gallons of water and cost the company money.

5. Replace Wasteful Fixtures – Motion-sensing faucets, on-demand tank-free water heaters, and dual flush toilets use half the water as older, less efficient fixtures.

6. Make Staff Aware – Place posters and stickers around the workplace to ensure everyone knows how important it is to save water. Designate a staff member to set improvement targets and establish policies for water savings practices.

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Water Conservation Tip #17

REPAIR FAUCETS:  Small drips can add up to 100-300 gallons a day. Repair dripping and leaking faucets immediately.