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Denair returns to radio days for Christmas
radio show

The Denair Gaslight Community Conservatory is inviting people to harken back to the days when the primary form of entertainment in the home was sitting around the radio.

The acting troupe will be staging “A Classic Christmas: Old Time Radio Shows” at 7 p.m. Dec. 13. The show will feature performances of “Archie Andrews” and “My Friend Irma.”

In “Archie Andrews,” Archie, his parents and all his friends — JugHead, Veronica and Betty —secretly go Christmas shopping for each other only to discover, one-by-one, that they are all shopping in the same department store at the same time. Mass confusion and hilarity ensues.

In “My Friend Irma,” Irma has decided to throw a surprise Christmas party for all of her friends — a surprise party that no one is aware of because it is a surprise. Everyone has already made plans to spend Christmas elsewhere so Irma suddenly finds herself alone on Christmas Eve and apart from family.  As she wanders the city dejected, her friends pull together to save her Christmas and build her the family experience that she was hoping to create.

Tickets for the show are $10 for general admission and $8 for seniors and children. They will be available at the door prior to shows.

The show will be at the Denair Gaslight Theatre at 3908 Gratton Road in Denair.