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A different look at Turlock politics
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Dear Editor,
This is what I see is going on behind the scenes in Turlock politics:
1. Mary Jackson asked “out-of-town developer” Mark Hall for the same campaign money he gave Amy Bublak and Kurt Vander Weide in the 2008 City Council elections. It was only after she was turned down that it became a campaign issue. Maybe someone should ask Jackson where the money came from to finance her campaign, from the behind the scenes. Now that would be a great question.
2. In my opinion, Turlock lost a hero when Vander Weide was voted out of office. If the people knew what Kurt did for this city behind the scenes, voters would have been thanking him, instead of blaming him for the infamous robo calls and accusing him of being in the pocket of developers. The robo calls were a dirty trick. If we are lucky, Vander Weide will run again in 2010.
3.  The council has the authority to hire and fire the city manager. It’s their job. Frankly, I think it was a smart decision to fire former City Manager Tim Kerr. I’ve met former Police Chief Roy Wasden. He’s a dedicated professional. Give him a chance to prove himself. He just got here for Pete’s sake.
4.  Don’t blame all three council members — Ted Howze, Kurt Spycher and Bublak for what one does. They are each separate individuals. Packaging them as one would certainly give the impression that one is anti-Conservative. You wouldn’t want anyone thinking that, would you?
5.  It’s time to build the Carnegie Arts Center. Art is important to many people, and I think it’s a big mistake not to listen to the people. I happen to be a fan myself.
— Linda Taylor