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Bublak works hard to better Turlock

Dear Editor,

I usually don't write letters to the editor or offer endorsements as I am not an expert in politics. However, I do feel that the Turlock mayoral race is truly an especially crucial decision for our community.

I know from experience that you can't please everyone all the time, but you can mitigate differences to move forward to do what's right for the community as a whole. I have known Amy Bublak for over 30 years, as a friend, colleague (fellow police officer) and as a politician. We haven't always agreed on topics but that's ok, we should be able to agree to disagree and remain friends. Having said this, I am pleased that she never tried to exercise influence over me while she was a member of council or as the Mayor of Turlock. I can't say that for other politicians (they were not successful in their endeavors).

Amy has done great things for our community and for our staff. Her dedication to not overspending and following through with working towards a balanced budget is impressive. It is true that it was a team effort, but policy setters must lead the way.

She has worked towards increasing public safety staff and supported me in bringing modern technology to the police department whose radio/communications systems, records management systems and computer aided dispatch systems were over 20 years old! Amy traveled to Washington DC on her own dime to try and get us money for our body camera system. She was not successful in getting the money, but she tried.

She had stayed true to her word and did not support new taxes (I disagreed with her) however when it did pass, she collaborated with her council associates and brought forth a balanced budget that included faster roadway repairs with future planning, staff pay increases and lowering garbage fees. She fought for Turlock and save our community millions of dollars on the surface water project.

Her love for our community is obvious as she is continuously reaching out to support our local businesses and community groups. Each Sunday she visits different houses of worship so she can be a part of their community. She is a mayor of the people with no hidden agenda. She travels to or nations capital on her own dime to better Turlock's chances at grants and recognition. She is a friend to all of our culturally diverse community. Therefore, my wife Isabel and I support and endorse Amy Bublak for her second term as Mayor of Turlock.

— Nino Amirfar