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Cities need SB 659
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Dear Editor:

Legislators should pass SB 659 to extend the dissolution date of redevelopment agencies or cities will face dire consequences.

Senate Bill 659 is a pertinent piece of legislation that would extend the Feb. 1 deadline for redevelopment agency dissolution as prescribed by last year’s Assembly Bill 1X 26. Without it, cities throughout California are facing significant job losses and financial burdens, bond payments will be at risk and credit ratings threatened.
We are at an economic crossroads when job creation should be a priority for all of us, including the Legislature.
In Turlock, the development of the second phase of our affordable housing project, Avena Bella, is hanging in the balance.  Being forced into dissolution without alternatives for carrying on economic development and affordable housing projects is a sheer waste of money in our community.
For the sake of my City and its employees, I ask you to join me in urging Assembly Speaker John Perez, Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, and Governor Jerry Brown to make the decision that’s in the best interest of California communities and support SB 659.  The recovery of our economy depends on jobs and economic development.


— John S. Lazar, Mayor

City of Turlock