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I am tired of politics hindering our communities
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I am glad our newly-elected Congressman, Josh Harder, is able to set aside politics and work towards reopening government. He is reaching out to the victims in our district and finding ways to lessen the impact.

In our district, some 100,000 food stamps recipients are worried, many farmers, victims of Trump’s tariffs, who are forced to get USDA loans, are being put on hold and TSA agents are worried about their next paycheck. Add to that mental stress and you have a real crisis.

There is no crisis at the border. It is within our borders. In this age, when we can fact-check anything, Trump keeps lying about a crisis at the border to justify his wall. No, 4,000 terrorists aren’t crossing through the rugged mountains. Mc Allen, Texas, where Trump went today, is one of the safest cities in the U.S.

When a president causes hardship for 800,000 federal employees, 30 million food stamps recipients and thousands of farmers just so he can make good on a campaign promise, we should all be worried. This serious abuse of power is being ignored by Republicans. It will cost them the 2020 elections!

— Julian Bentayeb