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The library is many things to many people
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This November, we, as a community, are going to be voting on Measure S. Your vote will determine whether or not Stanislaus County can keep the doors open to the library.

The library is many things to many people. It serves young and old, the rich and poor. Most importantly, it allows ALL of us access to information and entertainment. If one needs a government form, the library has it. If one wants their child to learn the joys of reading, rhymes and singing, the library offers it. If one needs an adult education diploma, the library provides tutoring. If there is a movie one missed, the library can get it.

Measure S is not a partisan issue; this is a community issue. It is 1/8 of a cent tax that is already in place. We just need your approval to renew it.

Please, I encourage you to vote Yes on S.

— Triana Berryhill