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Kaepernick to host first annual Against All Odds golf tournament
Kap golf pic
Colin Kaepernick learns about heart conditions during an education class at Camp Taylor in July 2012. - photo by Photo courtesy of Kimberlie Gamino

From mid-November to early January, Colin Kaepernick revived a storied franchise, energized its loyal fan base, and sent his hometown of Turlock into a frenzy of excitement and pride with his impressive play as San Francisco’s starting quarterback. He gained notoriety within the league and beyond as his name became known around the country and the world.

Kaepernick’s success didn’t just impact his personal life or the 49ers’ status in the NFL; it also boosted the profile of Camp Taylor—Kaepernick’s favorite charity. The national attention afforded to the 6-foot-4 quarterback has resulted in increased enrollment at Camp Taylor as more and more people have become familiar with the organization and its cause to help children afflicted with heart disease through structured summer camps.

“It’s been an incredible journey and we’re really grateful to be able to ride his incredible wave,” Camp Taylor’s founder and director Kimberlie Gamino said. “There’s been a lot of exposure, not just for Camp Taylor, but for children with heart disease everywhere. It’s brought a lot of recognition to the number one birth defect and it’s helped us reach children we normally wouldn’t be able to reach.”

Though the rise in enrollment has been a blessing for the camp, it has also increased the costs associated with providing the free programs to participating children. To compensate, Camp Taylor and Kaepernick have partnered together to create the first annual Against All Odds golf tournament to benefit children with heart disease. The golf tournament will be held on June 24 at Del Rio Golf and Country Club in Modesto.

“He’s been supporting and caring about Camp Taylor for a while now. We had the opportunity to hold a golf tournament and we asked if he would work with us on it and he didn’t say yes, he said he’d be honored,” Gamino said.

The tournament will boast 180 golfers from the Valley, Bay Area, and around the country. In addition to the tournament, the event will include breakfast, lunch and dinner, a punt, pass, and kick contest, an auction, awards, and a speech from the host himself. The event is closed to the public and is being funded by 45 sponsors.

“It’s going to be real classy but we’re going to keep it campy, too,” Gamino said. “We’re excited to be able to reach and serve more children.”

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