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Locals find their groove at fair
Bill Bear Carpenter of Manteca gets ready to take a turn during Saturday's 250 Pro final. Carpenter placed first in the final race. - photo by EDDIE RUIZ / The Journal

Saturday was truly a day for local motocross racers to shine at the Stanislaus County Fair, in the final day of motorsports action in the Food Maxx Arena.


Quads, pee wee bikes and motocross competitors took their action to the dirt track assembled by Jack Azevedo of AMP Racing the previous night and they didn't disappoint.


Local racers took the top spot in 11 out of 31 race finales.


Denair's Jake Moniz topped out in first place in his number one heat after a great start and finish in the 450 class and had a solid turnout all around.


“I was just happy to not crash and keep it on two wheels and it's the home town so I want to do well,” said Moniz, 23, who has been riding since he was 10-years old.


Moniz won the 450 class finals with ease, leading the pack with a solid performance after riding in second place for the first four laps. At end of the fourth lap, Moniz passed the leader over a triple and held on for the victory.


Moniz also won the 250 beginners class.


Also from Denair was Matthew Dodd, 23, who finished second in the 450 class and third in the 250.


Dodd started racing when he was seven, after being introduced to the sport by his dad.


“I did solid,” said Dodd.“I like that it's a home track, much different than all the local ones which are more spread out. This one is a little tighter, but it's all good.”


Beau 'Bo' Carli, another local racer, finished sixth in the 125 two-stroke class.


“I fell twice in the qualifying round, but just messing around having fun for now since last year I was at Marysville and shattered my ankles so just recovering from that,” he said. “Right now I want to get  comfortable out there so that is what I'm doing, trying to get comfortable on my bike again.”


Carli, 17, also competed in the 250 novice race and topped out in fifth.


“It's nice to have a little group of friends that ride and that we know one another, we all support each other racing,” Carli said of the hometown vibe. “This is only my third novice race, so I wanted to finish top three in novice, but it's alright.”