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Turlock boxer captures gold for America
Sandra Tovar 5-30-18
Turlock High student Sandra Tovar captured gold at the 2018 AMBC Youth Continental Championships in Colorado Springs, Colorado. - photo by Contributed

Turlock High’s Sandra Tovar continues to make waves in boxing.

Most recently, Tovar captured Gold at this past weekend’s 2018 AMBC Youth Continental Championships in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“It was my first international match of the year, I was nervous but tried to knock it out cause it’s just another person,” said Tovar.

Tovar, who competes at 106 pounds defeated Ecuador’s Dayanna Murillo via unanimous decision. However, it wasn’t an easy win.

“The fight was a dirty fight, she kept trying to push me off but I kept the fight clean,” said Tovar. “The first round should have been an eight-count because I dropped her but she tried to do anything and grabbed me and pulled me down with her, she tried anything she can to beat me but she couldn’t.”

Tovar, who is currently ranked No. 1 in the nation in the 106-pound class (48 kilograms), was representing the red, white and blue and did it well.

In the three round battle she dominated for the most part.

Two judges scored it 30-26 while three of them scored it 29-27.

In the first round, Tovar controlled distance and kept the jab going to keep her distance despite some shots from Murillo that were in the clinch.

Tovar then clipped her with a straight right that put her down, but Murillo immediately grabbed Tovar and brought her down to the ground with her.

Murillo got back up and began to get in the clinch with Tovar as the round came to a close.

The second and third rounds were back and forth exchanges while Tovar kept her distance and managed to jab her opponent away from her.

The bout got really physical in the closing minute as they exchanged back and forth with Tovar essentially getting her hand raised.

Tovar has been able to box all while enrolled at Turlock High.

“With my school work, they are able to work with me to have independent studies. I just need to manage my time well and get my work done and Turlock High is able to work with me,” said Tovar. “But it’s something I want to do and pursue it and I just stay focused.”

Tovar also competes in cross country during the fall, where she has been part of the varsity squad after her first two years.

“I am going to do cross country, just for high school, not looking to do in college, but something I enjoy since I love to run, it actually helps in boxing,” said Tovar. “It helps because you have to run a lot for boxing to stay in condition, I just do it in the sport and then just go to boxing and practice after.”

Tovar also recognizes her coaches as a big part of her success.

“I want to thank my coaches Jeff Tovar, Marcos Padilla and Jesus Haro,” she said.

The next stop for Tovar will be the Junior Olympics in Charleston, West Virginia from June 24-30 and then onto Budapest, Hungary for the Youth World in August.