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First Team:

Ruby Quiralte, Merced

Megan Kravec, Merced

Serina Castillo, Merced

Mary Castillo, Buhach Colony

Lauren Morris, Buhach Colony

Catrina Wilson, Buhach Colony

Aliyah Ricks, Atwater

Grace Santistevan, Atwater

Alexis Mettler, Pitman

Cady Riley, Pitman

Nicole Vasquez, Turlock


Second Team:

Shelbee Ward, Merced

Kerstin Smith, Buhach Colony

Hunter Gibson, Buhach Colony

Allie Clarot, Buhach Colony

Hayley Lawrence, Atwater

Lexi Lucero, Turlock

Sarah Ward, Pitman

McKenzie Schumacher, Golden Valley

Mariah Gonzalez, Turlock