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Pride soccer sees mixed results in preseason play
Rebecca Linderman of Pitman shakes off a Central Catholic opponent during the first half of Wednesdays preseason contest. - photo by EDDIE RUIZ / The Journal

Rain doesn’t stop a soccer game.

Neither will a 1-1-1 record that the Pitman High Pride accumulated this past week after competing in three contests in less than a 48-hour period.

“The girls have played well, since Lodi, Vacaville and Central Catholic are good teams,” said Pitman head coach Cris Castro. “We were right there toe-to-toe with Vacaville and Lodi and we outplayed both in the second half and the way they played I am happy with it.”

Although the weather might have slowed down the game and drenched the field conditions, there was no slowing Pitman down in their game against Central Catholic on Wednesday.

CC was 4-0 heading into the game with high expectations, but the Pride started off the game playing very well and moving the ball from side to side and making good runs.

Rayana Plancarte, Isabella Shallou-Enes and Jill Leon each had a goal for Pitman in the first half.

The Pride continued their control of the game and went to notch their fourth goal in the opening 40 seconds of the second half after Plancarte drilled a shot but Shallou-Enes followed up with the touch to make it 4-0.

“We were touching the ball well and making great passes,” said Castro. “We lost our intensity in the second half, but I think it’s because they played down to the level since we had built such a big lead but they need to make sure they always play with the same intensity. Credit to CC, but we were just on that day.”

Pitman followed its win with an appearance in the Timberwolves Tournament that included a one-goal loss to Lodi followed by a 3-3 draw against Vacaville.

In the morning game, Pitman met Lodi and played one of their most dominating games of the year.

The Pride started the game with a 4-4-2 formation but then Castro realized that they had to change things up and moved a player up as a forward to make it a 4-3-3 formation just 10 minutes into the first half.

Although Lodi maintained possession on their side in the first half, the second half was a different tale.

Pitman went on to dominate and control the second half of the game.

The Pride had an opportunity to go up around 15 minutes into the second half with a penalty kick but it was missed.

“I told my wife when I got home that it was heartbreak Friday,” said Castro. “Although Lodi has a very good team, very big in size but we matched with them very well. We dominated the second and Lodi made it three times to our half for the entire second half, we dominated.”

Pitman went on to control the momentum of the game until the final minute when Pitman was called for a questionable hand ball.

Lodi made their PK and won the game by a goal.                                                                                                              

“We didn’t take advantage of our PK and they did, even though ours was a clear one, this was a bad and unlucky bounce and the ref called it, that is just how it goes,” said Castro.

The Pride didn’t start off well in their second game against Vacaville, a team that had beat Lodi 2-1 in their earlier meeting, as they were outscored 2-0 heading into halftime.

After a pep talk from Castro, the girls were able to rejuvenate and play a great second half, scoring three goals and going up 3-2 with 12 seconds left after Plancarte scored two and Shallou-Enes added one.

Finally with the clock winding down, Vacaville made a deep cross possible and Pitman’s defender missed the opportunity to clear it by a few inches but by then Vacaville’s player was able to strike the corner for the game tying goal and it ended 3-3.

“They deserved it and could have come back; I'm disappointed because they really deserved to win,” said Castro. “Great group of girls, all around, they are tight group and there's some talent there, just a matter of coming out right away and start playing our game.”

Pitman’s next game will be the start of league against Golden Valley at 4 p.m. Tuesday.