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Vick gets second chance, now what?
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Michael Vick got what he wanted.
But after Vick was reinstated conditionally to the NFL on Monday, giving him the chance to showcase his unbelievable natural ability as early as October, a lot of questions need to be answered. There’s one that stands above the rest:
Which team will pick him up?
As you know, Vick has been through a lot — which is not to say we should all feel sorry for him. But he does deserve this second chance after his involvement in a dogfighting ring. He served 18 months in prison. He pretty much lost all his money after owning the title of richest man in the NFL. He worked in construction for $10 an hour before assisting in the Boys and Girls Club in Virginia.
He was released by the Atlanta Falcons, who basically said they didn’t want anything to do with him regardless if commissioner Roger Goodell was going to allow him back into the league or not.
And now, Vick finds himself in another pickle.
Is any team going to take the chance on Vick, who hasn’t been tackled by a defensive lineman in two years? You can view that in two ways: He’s not going to be ready for the physicality or  he’s gone two years without being tackled, meaning he’s fresher than most 29-year-olds in the league.
The answer: Someone will.
But will it be worth it? Will an organization take the risk of having Vick join its team to only have him available during Week 6, when the chemistry has been built among players and roles have been filled? The answer: Yes, and yes.
But the second chance is here. As of Monday, when Goodell officially announced the reinstatement, Vick can participate in workouts and practices — if he can sign with a team. He is also allowed to play in the final two preseason games.
So yes, he has plenty of opportunities.
But there’s one more question: Are you ready for the media frenzy?
No matter where Vick goes, reporters and cameramen will follow him as if they’re chasing down a story for This isn’t exactly a good thing. This isn’t like the L.A. Clippers trying to land Allen Iverson, an athlete who has experienced his own controversy, in order to sell more tickets. Vick brings a lot of baggage.
You can’t ignore the media frenzy, though. People want to know how it will all play out — if Vick will change, if he’ll evolve into a better person. Apparently, he’s working hard on changing, thanks to the news that Tony Dungy, the former Indianapolis Colts coach who the public adores because of his off-the-field work, will mentor the troubled quarterback.
No one said second chances were easy.
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