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Local man charged with felony hit and run
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One man was injured and another was under arrest after a hit and run accident in Turlock on Thursday.
The injured 24-year-old man had abrasions and bruises and complaints of pain from being struck by a Mustang convertible while crossing Broadway around 9 p.m. Thursday.
Witnesses told police they saw a Mustang convertible run a stop sign at Broadway and Chestnut streets, and strike the man as he crossed the street. They said the driver stopped, looked out the back of the open convertible, and saw the victim on the ground. The driver then sped off.
A resident of the area followed the Mustang and was able to get a license plate number before losing the car on Highway 99, said Turlock Police Officer Matthew Ulrich.
Ulrich said the car was registered to a Jonathan Vasquez, 25, of Turlock. Ulrich staked out Vasquez’s residence and around 10:40 p.m. the Mustang appeared. The officer followed the car until other officers arrived and then initiated a traffic stop.
The suspect was in the passenger seat and told Ulrich that he had called his father to pick him up because he had consumed too much alcohol.
Ulrich said Vasquez eventually admitted to the hit and run and said he hadn’t stopped because he was afraid of retaliation and of getting arrested for drunken driving.
Vasquez was charged with a felony hit and run. He was not charged with driving under the influence because of the time that had elapsed after the accident.
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