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Marijuana grow house found after fire at neighboring property
grow house N Thor
Turlock police found more than 350 mature marijuana plants with an estimated weight in excess of 500 pounds at house in the 300 block of N. Thor Avenue (Photo courtesy of TPD).

For a second time this week the Turlock Police Department seized a large quantity of marijuana plants being grown illegally at a residence.

The discovery of this particular grow operation came about from a fire at a neighboring property that was linked to an overloaded main circuit.

On July 16, the Turlock Fire Department was dispatched to afire in the 300 block of North Thor Avenue. The blaze burnt a tree, shed and a power pole but was kept away from the residence and no injuries were reported.

While on scene, both the firefighters and police officers could detect a strong odor of marijuana coming from the neighboring residence.

The police department’s special investigations unit worked with Turlock Irrigation District and determined the fire had been started from a main circuit that was shared by the two residences and was being overloaded.

A search warrant was served at the property on Thursday morning and turned up more than 350 mature marijuana plants with an estimated weight in excess of 500 pounds, according to the police department.

“Preliminary information suggests this cultivation operation is likely tied to a criminal operation of black market cannabis being grown for unknown dispensaries,” the police department said in a news release.

No arrests were made at the time. The police department said the individuals responsible for this illegal cultivation will be facing charges of illegal marijuana cultivation and possession of controlled substances.

“What is important to know is that this illegal operation placed the neighboring residents in danger from not only fire but other criminal activity associated with these illegal operations, such as home invasion robberies and thefts,” the police department said.

Thursday’s bust follows one on Monday that saw 620 pounds of marijuana plants seized from a Turlock home and the arrest of two men.